Individual Ergonomic Bike Fitting

Achieving Perfect Bike and Rider Unity with Scientific Precision

We combine profound biomechanical insights, first-hand competitive racing experience and cutting-edge technology to fit you and your bike with precision. Enhanced performance and maximum efficiency with each pedal! We understand how critical optimal positioning on your bike is to your performance.

Our expert clinical knowledge, leading technology and keen personal insight into competitive racing provide an unparalleled Bike Fit service.

Accurate bike fit is the most essential part of your ride! Conventional bike fitting services use a generalised approach, but every cyclist’s body and movement are different. We ensure a perfect ergonomic fit for optimal efficiency, comfort and injury prevention.


Technology. Biomechanics. Experience.

Bike Fitting is the science of ensuring that you are in the safest and optimal riding position possible to for comfort, aerodynamics, efficiency and power output.

At Spine and Sport, our bike Fitting service goes beyond adapting bike to rider. We evaluate critical factors such as form, riding style, injury history, and muscle imbalances (as a start) to help you achieve your goals!

Unique Competitive Advantage

What makes our Bike Fit service unique is that Dr Craig Uria is also a competitive cyclist; being fit by a medical professional with an intimate understanding of racing, gives you an unmatched competitive advantage.

With enhanced industry-leading systems, we apply our expert clinical knowledge and experience to enhance the efficacy of two industry-leading bike fit systems.


Your Body. Your Ride. Your Fit.

ErgoFiT is a scientifically formulated dynamic bike fitment system developed by Dr Jeroen Swart, a renowned sports physician and exercise physiologist in the cycling field. The system comprises precise protocol for dynamic assessment using exacting regression equations.

We use ErgoFit’s predictive and dynamic fitting process as a comprehensive tool in our ergonomic fitment.


Aerodynamics and stability in perfect sync

GebioMized is a global leader in cycling pressure analysis tools. The system analyses your ride under realistic conditions using a high-definition video technique and measures pressure on all points of contact.

We have a 360° rotating platform with plane elevation simulation allowing for in-depth and thorough analysis from multiple perspectives.

Key Benefits of Spine & Sport Centre Professional Bike Fitting

While our two state-of-the-art systems assist with the technical fit, our clinical and first-hand cycling experience enables us to fine-tune your fit based on how your body moves.

  • Consideration of the central nervous system efficiency as a fundamental contributor to cycling performance
  • Biomechanical analysis ensures as little load on joints as possible without sacrificing an ounce of power
  • Saddle adjustment perfectly fitted to your pelvis Prevent repetitive stress injuries
  • Medically considered fitting that accounts for previous injuries
  • Complete overall comfort of your ride with improved endurance & performance
  • Reduce or eliminate numbness and saddle discomfort
  • Reduce or eliminate pain in the back, knees, neck or wrists

There’s no substitute for having the correct fit

Your skill level, goals, weight, age and injuries are only a few of the factors that affect your bike fit.

Even seasoned cyclists should consider seeing a professional bike fitter at regular intervals to maintain optimal performance (and proactively make necessary adjustments before you experience pain).

Anyone experiencing discomfort during their ride, or seeking to improve their performance drastically should consider professional bike fitting.

If you’re new to cycling, Speak to us for a basic assessment before you buy - it’s crucial that your frame is the right size.